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About Us

Over the years, we've had many pets. Both cats and dogs, all with their own health issues. We tried many different products but we got fed-up and decided to do something about it.

So, we created a company called Eco Petmax.

Our mission is to focus on adding life to your dog’s years. In general, we want your pet to have the best time possible while you’re lucky enough to have them. 

It seems that the whole country is going “all natural” and it’s for good reason. Have you read the ingredient list of some of these products and “food” we give our pets, or ourselves, for that matter? We went out and found a manufacturer in the USA that makes all-natural pet supplements. 

You’ll find a few products in our store that we think are worthwhile, but don’t expect to find the next Amazon. We’re a small family company (like me and my wife small). Our 3 kids probably helped package your product for shipping, while our cat, Tiggy probably oversaw the process while laying in the sunshine on the floor. Our Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Cookie and Mia, tried our products. 

All of our products have a 30-day, money back guarantee (you just pay shipping & handling). So, give our products a shot. Let us know how we are doing. Better yet, let us know how your pet(s) are doing!