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The Truth About All Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief For Dogs


There are many ways to deal with stress and anxiety in dogs. A popular option is using an all natural product that provides relief safely, without the risks of traditional medications. But do products like this work?

The truth… it depends on your expectations and your dog. Typically these products “take the edge off” and allow your dog to stay alert, as opposed to knocking them out completely or making them “loopy.”

How do they work. There’s a combination of herbs and antioxidants that work together to provide calming relief. Many of the ingredients will be familiar to you if you use all natural products for yourself.

Eco Petmax’s Advanced Stress and Anxiety Relief contains proven ingredients that you know of.

  1. Valerian Root - a well established root known for it’s calming principles.  It’s found in many night time teas and sold in capsule form as well.  
  2. Chamomile - Used as a calming agent in a tremendous amount of products. Almost everyone has heard of chamomile, and it’s results are well proven.
  3. GABA - this is an amino acid that works to “calm” the brain and helps with anxiety.

The combination of these three ingredients, in addition to the other ingredients provide just the right amount of calmness when your dog is stressed or anxious.

Popular uses for Eco Petmax’s Advanced Stress and Anxiety Relief:

  1. Separation anxiety - if your dog whines when you leave, chews the furniture, or is going to the bathroom in the house when you’re not home they well may be suffering from separation anxiety.  Try our Stress and Anxiety Relief product and see if you help end your dog’s suffering.
  2. Travel - Many dogs do not do well on car trips. This product will help calm her frazzled nerves. Imagine a car ride without constant pacing or whining. Instead of putting your animal in a crate, try this instead.  (please remember to use a seatbelt or car seat when your dog is in the car.)
  3. Storms and Fireworks - loud noises such as these can freak a dog out.  Help them chill by giving them Eco Petmax’s Advanced Stress and Anxiety Relief.

If you’re still on the fence if this product is right for your dog, you can try it risk free for 30 days.  If at the end of 30 days you are not satisfied with the product just return the unused portion and you’ll be provided a refund of your purchase price (minus shipping and handling).

There’s no reason you shouldn’t try this product if your dog suffers from stress and anxiety. An all natural solution with a 30-day money back guarantee shows you our confidence in the effectiveness of this product.  So click the add to buy now button below and pick up a bottle now!