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7 Tips For Traveling Safely With Your Dog

Taking a dog on a car ride can go one of two ways.  You can have him running around, hanging out the window, running by your feet – or you can use these 7 tips to keep you both safe upon arrival.

Onto The 7 Tips For Traveling Safely In a Car With Your Dog

1. Secure your dog in the car. There are four main ways to safely secure your dog to the car.

2. Be prepared to stop and let your dog go to the bathroom. Plan time in your trip to allow frequent breaks.  Many times, dogs are nervous and will need to go to the bathroom more often than normal.  Be sure to take along some bags to pick up the waste.

3. Never leave your dog alone in the car. It can cause unnecessary stress and if it’s hot enough could cause heat stroke.  Be sure to take them with you.  If you absolutely must leave them in, be sure to roll down windows to allow for proper airflow.

4. Pack some familiar toys or a favorite blanket to comfort your pet on the journey. Not unlike people, dogs want to have a comforting feeling on their trips.

5. Try to give them a view if you can. Arranging the dog in a way that gives them a view out the window is helpful.  Just make sure they are restrained properly.

6. Climate control – make sure your air conditioning is working so it isn’t too hot for dog travel. As you know dog’s get hot quickly and require a lot of water.

7. Take food and water! Be sure to take some bottled water and a collapsible food and water bowls for your trip. This may make you stop a little more frequently, but will ultimately keep your dog safe while traveling in the car.

Now You Know The Basics Of Safe Dog Travels - Consider the following:

Other things to consider – maybe a bath and grooming prior to the trip would make your dog a more pleasant passenger.  Only you would know that about your animal.

In any case keep you and your dog’s safety as the number priority when you’re taking a road trip with a dog.

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