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5 Tips to Help Your Dog Cope With Stress and Anxiety

Dogs are amazing pets, great friends, and bring joy to everyone they come in contact with. Until… they get that look in their eye that says, “mommy, don’t leave me” and the separation anxiety kicks in.

Or they hear a loud noise like a car backfire or fireworks, and they run and hide under the bed (or in the bathtub like my dog used to do).

Give them the help they need!

When your dog gets stressed or anxious you should think of it just like when you get stressed or anxious. Your heart beats faster, your chest feels tight or like an elephant is sitting on it. The difference is you have ways to cope. You can do breathing exercises or if it’s bad enough there’s medication for it.

Until we figure out how to teach a dog to breathe deep through their belly, we have to get a little creative in helping our furbabies cope.

Here’s 5 Ways to Help Your Dog Cope With Stress and Anxiety

1. Human contact: give your dog some love and affection. It could just be that they’re missing that connection you once had with them.

2. Exercise: Get that pooch out of the house and on the move. Just like exercise is a great stress reliever in humans, it’s the same for dogs. So get those paws a movin.

3. Playtime: Who doesn’t love a little fun. Play a little “tug” or fetch with your dog and see if that helps calm them down. If nothing else it might tire them out and they can take a little nap.

4. Music and toys: - this is especially true for separation anxiety. Put familiar items in with the dog and turn on some soothing music or even leave the TV on for background noise. Anything that reminds the dog of you will be helpful in this situation.

5. Medication: - I don’t know about you, but I don’t like giving my dog pharmaceutical grade medication unless absolutely necessary. That’s why we developed an all-natural herb and antioxidant formula to relieve stress and anxiety in dogs.

The Eco Petmax Advanced Stress and Anxiety Relief For Dogs is specially formulated from all-natural human grade ingredients. It’s manufactured in the United States in an FDA compliant factory under the strictest of conditions. Quality is guaranteed.

In fact the product is guaranteed to work or you get your money back, just return the unused portion of the bottle.

Your dog deserves to be calmed when anxious or stressed. Give him the all-natural treatment that’s guaranteed to work. Click here to view the product.